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Phantom Quartz Bracelet
Phantom Quartz Bracelet
Phantom Quartz Bracelet

Cleansed & Activated crystals!

Phantom Quartz Bracelet

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Clarity / Luck / Career / Protection / General Health / Crown Chakra / Heart Chakra / Base Chakra

Green(Chlorite) Phantom Quartz

Green Phantom Quartz is combination of both chlorite and Quartz.

Green Phantom is suitable for those who find themselves often having road blocks in moving forward in their life. It creates opportunities and would depends if the wearer is able to seize the chances the crystal has path. It is excellent for those who are sensitive to their vibration around them. Green phantom also helps to protect the wearer from psychic attack.

Red Phantom

Red Phantom helps to restore and ground energy for the wearer, thus helps to stable the wearer for better decision making.Red Phantom is not easily available.  

White Phantom

White Phantom helps in clarity, giving focus and cleaning of the crown meridian.It instill calmness and uplift loving energy into the user.

The quartz would play as an amplify role to the Phantom, thus strengthen the crystal further.

Product Description:

 You will get the exact bracelet as shown in picture.

Wrist size (Inner Perimeter) :

Green Phantom - 11mm - Up to17.7cm 
Green & Red Phantom - 10mm - Up to17.1cm
Please let us know your size during checkout, we can reduce to smaller. If you need a bigger size, please contact us.

Message from Crystal Tale:

The pattern of minerals might change over time as it reacts to surrounding energy. There was once, a customer just held a piece for about a few minute, and suddenly we both realized a patch of reddish mineral shown up, initially it was all greenish at that area. Similarly, sometimes the minerals will increase or reduces. 

Phantom Quartz is a famous crystal that help in advancement in career, as it helps to bring in more opportunities and speed up things. 

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