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Pyrite Raw - Mini
Pyrite Raw - Mini
Pyrite Raw - Mini
Pyrite Raw - Mini
Pyrite Raw - Mini

Cleansed & Activated crystals!

Pyrite Raw - Mini

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Focus / Energy / Protection / Luck / Logical Thinking / Stomach / General Health / Grounding / Solar Plexus Chakra / Earth Star Chakra

Pyrite is also known as “fool’s gold” for their glittering appearance

It’s a stone for luck, that helps to attract abundance in life. As pyrite enhances willpower and brings positive energy, it helps to overcome bad habits as well as giving us strength to deal with challenges in life.

Beside being a stone for protection against negative energy, Pyrite also helps to boost our energy level, both physically and mentally.

It is beneficial to the lungs, increases oxygen supply to the blood and strengthens the respiratory and circulatory systems.

Pyrite resonates strongly with Solar Plexus Chakra, thus, enhance the intellect and self confidence level.

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Product Description:

As pyrite has high content of iron, it is advisable to minimize contact with water.

You will get similar piece or set as shown in picture.

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