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Que Sera & Green Aventurine Acorn
Que Sera & Green Aventurine Acorn
Que Sera Acorn
Que Sera & Green Aventurine Acorn
Que Sera & Green Aventurine Acorn

Cleansed & Activated crystals!

Que Sera & Green Aventurine Acorn

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Que Sera

"Que Sera Sera, whatever will be will be."

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Green Aventurine

Happiness / Emotions / Protection / Luck / Success / Heart / General Health / Heart Chakra 

There are many great features about Green Aventurine. It's a stone for success, prosperity, good luck, happiness, as well as a healing stone for both emotional and physical.

It is a great stone to use during challenges and changing of new situation as it helps to bring optimism with confidence and opportunities. And these are some of the key factors that lead us to success.

Holding or wearing a Green Aventurine also helps in opening our Heart Chakra, clear out past emotional issues, and replaces it with joy.  Green Aventurine can protect for our Heart Chakra and prevent us from being emotionally drained by others. It can also be used for recovering our heart energy.

Green Aventurine is idea for general healing as it strengthens the heart and aids in recovery.

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