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Rainbow Moonstone Ring - Adjustable
Rainbow Moonstone Ring - Adjustable

Cleansed & Activated crystals!

Rainbow Moonstone Ring - Adjustable

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Relaxing / Calming/ Relationship/ Emotions / Spiritual / Stomach / Hormones / Fertility / Intuition / Crown Chakra / Third Eye Chakra / Solar Plexus / Sacral Chakra 

Moonstone, a stone suitable for both gender, is an excellent crystal to help balance mood swing and repair skin cells.  It family consists of shades of electric blue, white, grey, grey and peach color.

Moonstone brings calmness and also helps one to express feeling. It also helps in bonding relationship. Aids in having a restful sleep for both adults and children. It is a stone that can help give supportive energy to find lost inspiration, and enhance intuition.

Moonstone is extremely beneficial for women as it helps to balance homos, enhance reproductive system and ease PMS. It also aids with digestion issues. 

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Product Description:

Rainbow Moonstone exhibit nice sheen of colour when put under a light source. These bracelets are translucent and very high quality that show more of those sheen. It also has stronger effect than other types of Moonstone.

Adjustable. Metal alloy.

You will get the exact ring as shown in picture.

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