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Carnelian Sphere
Carnelian Sphere

Cleansed & Activated crystals!

Agate (Red/Orange) Sphere

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Focus / Energy / Creativity / Protection / Luck / Positivity / Fertility / Sacral Chakra / Base Chakra

As Carnelian and Red/Orange Agate share the same properties, sometimes Red/Orange Agate is also refer as Carnelian.

Carnelian is a great energizer that helps to center the vitality energy in any life force. It boosts motivation, provides positive energy and strength so that one can take actions in pursuing their goals.

Carnelian helps to protect the wearer from envy, jealousy and anger, and also to release rage or stored anger.

Carnelian is also used for promoting fertility and easing lower backache.

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Product Description:

This size is good for placing with other crystals for energizing, or charging for pendants and rings. As for charging bracelets, you might consider the palm size Carnelian.

This item is not fully round.

You will get 1 piece of similar sphere as shown in picture. 

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