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Shungite Tumble
Shungite Tumble

Cleansed & Activated crystals!

Shungite Tumble

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Protection / General Health / Pain / Head / Throat / Chest / Abdominal

Shungite is a powerful stone that is about 2 billion years old. It may shield us from electromagnetic radiation emitted by electrical equipment such as laptops and mobile phones, that is extremely important in our daily lives.

Shungite is an incredible therapeutic stone as well. It helps with pain relief, detoxification, resolving medical conditions, and nursing headaches. It may also assist in transforming bad energy in a place into positive energy.

Shungite is one of the only known natural source of fullerenes, a powerful antioxidants. It has also been used to purify water since it aids in the removal of microorganisms, heavy metal residue, and other contaminants.

It is also a grounding stone which helps us to feel stable and focus.

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Product Description:

Shungite has a high content of carbon. Therefore, sometimes black residue will be observed after handling Shungite.

You will get a similar piece as shown in picture. 

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