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Smokey Citrine Sphere
Smokey Citrine Sphere
Smokey Citrine Sphere
Smokey Citrine Sphere
Smokey Citrine Sphere
Smokey Citrine Sphere

Cleansed & Activated crystals!

Smokey Citrine Sphere

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Happiness / Success / Positive Energy / Luck / Confidence/ Will-power/ Logical Thinking / Clarity / Focus / Cleansing / Stomach / General Health/ Crown Chakra / Solar Plexus Chakra

Citrine is a well-known crystal of manifestation, abundance and success. It helps us in achieving our goals by promoting logical thinking and analyzing skill, strengthening our concentration and will-power, and helping us to stay positive and confident.

Citrine has a highly strong vibration, yet light and refreshing energy. Besides giving out positive energy, it also has a cleansing ability which is much stronger than other crystals.

Citrine is also a joyful crystal that help raising self-esteem, releasing fear and overcoming depression.

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Smokey Quartz

Focus / Cleansing / Radiation / Pain / Grounding / Earth Star Chakra

Smokey Quartz provides a supportive protection especially against psychic attack or ill intention. It is one of the gentle grounding crystal, it helps to lift up mood and not compromising the grounding needs for the wearer.

Smokey Quartz helps to strengthen the motivation needed to help one to achieve goals and changes. It is an excellent crystal for blocking against radiation from electronic devices, planes and other radioactive machines.

Its powerful yet smooth energy can bring us calmness and cleanse our negative energy gently. Smokey Quartz helps in relaxing tired eyes and relieve backaches.

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You will get the exact piece including the stand as shown in the picture. 

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