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Strawberry Quartz Fox Pendant - Small
Strawberry Quartz Fox Pendant - Small

Cleansed & Activated crystals!

Strawberry Quartz Fox Pendant - Small

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Relationship / Happiness / Energy / Passion / Love / Positive Thinking / Self-love / General Health / Crown Chakra /  Heart Chakra / Base Chakra

Strawberry Quartz can assist us in removing limitations and restrictions that we placed upon ourselves, as well as releasing false beliefs and encouraging us to see things in positive lights and a more objective perspective.

Strawberry Quartz brings joy and happiness into our life. It teaches us to find humour in all situation, encourages us to live joyfully in the moment, and helps us feel good about ourselves without relying on others. 

Strawberry Quartz is also commonly used in enhancing relationships and finding love.

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Product Description:

Size: Approx. 2cm tall excluding the clip.

The clip is made of sliver coated with gold or white gold.

You will get a similar piece  as shown in picture.

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