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Golden Calcite Raw
Golden Calcite Raw
Golden Calcite Raw
Golden Calcite Raw
Golden Calcite Raw

Cleansed & Activated crystals!

Golden Calcite Raw

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Relaxing / Focus / Clarity/ Cleansing / Amplify / Positive Energy / Confidence / Will Power / Stomach / Crown Chakra / Solar Plexus Chakra

Golden Calcite is a gentle but strong cleanser; it transmits nourishing energy in a smooth and steady way, which make it suitable for everyone, and works really well with other crystals.

It helps heighten alertness and gives a positive energy to help stimulate positive drive to work on goals or issues.

Golden Calcite aids in digestive system and soothe the stomach off discomfort.

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Product Description:

Each sphere comes with a stand.

Please note that Calcite is softer than general crystals such as quartz.

You will get a similar piece as shown in picture. 

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