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Selenite Mini Sticks (Raw)
Selenite Mini Sticks (Raw)
Selenite Mini Sticks (Raw)
Selenite Mini Sticks (Raw)

Cleansed & Activated crystals!

Selenite Mini Sticks (Raw)

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Relaxing / Clarity / Cleansing / Peace / Guidance / Protection / Crown Chakra

Selenite has a very gentle yet strong cleansing effect. It is commonly used for space, crystals and personal cleansing, as well as during meditation for its mind calming effect. Being a Crown Chakra and Higher Crown Chakra crystal, Selenite enhances connection with our higher guidance and promotes clarity. 

Holding onto a piece of Selenite helps to clear away negative energy of our body, such as, stress, frustration, pain etc.. 

Selenite can cleanse other crystals simply by placing them in touch with it. It can also be used to form a protective grid for space, such as by placing 4 pieces at the corners of our room.

As placing a piece of Selenite helps to bring lights to the environment, cleanses and brings peace to space, it is commonly used in office, living room and bedside.

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Product Description:

Selenite is a soft and water-soluble mineral. 

Each pack consists 2-4 sticks.

You will get a similar pack as shown in picture. 

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